South Florida’s Premier Luxury Relocation Experts:

   Whether you are relocating from outside of the U.S., outside of Florida, Delray Beach or outside of Boca Raton, Matan Morag’s Group has the knowledge and experience to find the right home for you. It’s not only a house that makes a home, but also the right community, schools, shopping and dining, nightlife, beaches, proximity to a workplace and more.


   Matan Morag’s Group not only work in the Delray Beach/Boca Raton area, we also live here, grew up here, and have raised our children here. We treat our clients like our own family, by providing attentive, professional care. Here are some ways we can help you find your dream home:


  • On average, people move every five to six years. In a global marketplace, relocation is an ever-present reality. Our strong global network gives us the ability to successfully work with international, out-of-state, and out-of-region buyers and sellers.
  • We are bilingual in English and Spanish, and serve many Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Our Interactive Search provides insightful information on many of South Florida’s communities, neighborhoods and more.
  • Our concierge service gives clients access to a network of reputable service providers, from architects, contractors, and home improvement and decorating professionals, to bankers, appraisers, inspection specialists and more.
  • We can direct you to the best public or private schools, including higher education offerings and sports and social facilities, medical facilities, transportation options and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying..


Disclaimer: Matan Morag's Group does not share or exchange this information with anyone. All information will be kept confidential.

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